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Ordering Information
O Leave a comment, preferably in the format stated in each post should you be interested in any item(s).
O Leave a comment, preferably in the format stated in each post should you be interested in any item(s).
O If you're not an LJ user, just click on 'Anonymous' and leave your comment. After which, you would receive an invoice containing payment details.
O Please make payment within 24 hours after receiving the confirmation email.
O Upon payment received, we'll drop you an email to update you.
O Should you have any other enquires, drop us an email at j_studio@live.com.sg

Payment details
O All payments are to be made via DBS/POSB funds transfer within 24hours.
O I- Banking/ATM fund transfers are both welcome.
O Please note that priority is given to those who are able to make immediate payment.
O After transferring, email us your ibanking nick and transaction receipt for ibanking transfer at j_studio@live.com.sg. For ATM transfers, email us a PHOTO of the transaction receipt. NO scans for security purposes.
O Meetups are available. (refer to delivery section below for details)
O Strictly NO concealed cash.
O Once deal is confirmed, buyers who back out or play disappearing acts etc, will be deemed as dead buyers and will be blacklisted.

O Prices not inclusive of normal postage. Normal postage costs $1.70. (Includes $0.20 for a Certificate of Posting (NORMAL mail only))
O J-Studio strongly encourages all customers opting for normal mail to pay an additional $0.20 for a Certificate of Posting which we will take a picture/ scan and send it to you as proof that we have posted your items out.
O In any case you insist that you don't want/need the certificate of proof, please let us know, and your normal postage will cost $1.50.
O Note that this $0.20 is not for administration fee / profit purposes as it is the cost of purchasing the Certificate.
O J-Studio will not be held responsible for any lost mails, but rest assured we'll do all we can within our abilites to hunt tt package down for you!
O Thus, REGISTERED mail at an additional $2.50 is highly recommended if you choose postage!
O J-Studio will not be held responsible for items damaged in the mail, but we will pack them to the best of our ability.
O Otherwise, J-Studio would be glad to do meet-up with you to our convenience, which we highly recommend; actually.
O Places of meet-ups are usually at: AMK Hub, Ngee Ann Polytechnic, SIM, Orchard, (places of meet-up can be discussed (no worries!)

Terms & Conditions
O Payment must be made in 24 hours.
O Goods sold are non refundable nor exchangeable.
O In any case of defective goods which we might have missed out while checking, we allow exchanges to any other available items in J-Studio, provided we have been informed within 12hours of handover of the goods for meet-ups and 4days from the day the item is mailed.
O Defects include tears, holes, huge stains, etc. We will look into it on a case-by-case basis.
O However, J-Studio reserves the right to reject any case of claims of defective goods should we feel that the defect was caused and present only after it was in the hands of the buyer.
O All items are brand new unless otherwise stated.
O Strictly no trades allowed and no haggling please.
O J-Studio reserves the right to reject a transaction/customer at our own discretion.
O J-Studio reserves the right to amend Terms & Conditions at any given time.
O All photographs and images from this site are copyright of J-Studio, prior consent must be attained or must be credited should you want/need to use them.

J_Studio only sells classic & sophisticated clothes suitable for both young adults & working adults just like YOU. Whenever possible, we will also bring in bags for YOU. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Enjoy your SHOPPING!! SHOP LIKE YOU HAVE NEVER SHOP BEFORE.

Lotsa LOVE <3, Jaime & Judith. =)